About Landvo

Meaning of LANDVO

L stands for Life: Smart Phone has become the essential tool in people’s Life, especially for the popularity of WIFI coverage. Smart Phone has changed so much in people’s Lifestyle.

AND stands for LANDVO Smart Phone connects between people’s communication; and the most important symbol is its outstanding value as a smart phone to change people’s Lifestyle.

V stands for Value: Smart Phone has been used in all over the world. The excellent operation system, free software installation and full touch screen manipulation achieved to LANDVO smart  phone value, and it will be developed in the future.

O stands for Our: Our Teams are our families, who have the same faith -- We stick to provide the first rated smart phone to our customer from all over the world in the first quality, price and service. For the goal of “LANDVO, for the world”, we devote to work hard to achieve its value.

Logo of LANDVO

The logo of LANDVO is combined with Chinese and English. It is sample but fashion to meet the international logo design idea. Mature, Steady and Modern Logo design, achieves to a international brand at a new sign and creative design.

The alphabet in the logo is fully optimized. Fluent and matched with each character, the logo has the newest beautiful sign to people. Especially for the Alphabet “ A “ with the pyramid design, it is presented the meaning of the company up-raising and to be top one in smart phone field. The Alphabet “ V “ is changed based on the “ A “ and compatible with each other in the logo and to be important symbol in this logo. Other alphabet is more flexible meaning the diversified management to create a good and harmonious workplace.

The colors of Logo is pursuit to be simple and strong view impact, which the blue becomes the standard base color. The blue presents professional, company essence and technology. It directly shows the LANDVO industrial field, and the professional power in the corporation and smart phone technology.

Use of LANDVO Blue

The symbol standard color of the corporation is blue, named as LANDVO Blue. The LANDVO Blue presents the company and its products, which is the color for the logo, standard character and product advertised media color. The LANDVO Blue is the most clear view impact color in the corporation advertising color plan. LANDVO Blue belongs to the technology, it presents the company field position belonging to the technology field. And its mature, wisdom and accurate color character is to impress the company and products value in the technology fields.

Corporation Culture

Slogan: LANDVO, for the world
Corporation Requirement: Team work, Be honest, Be best and Work hard.
Corporation Aim: Provide the high quality smart products to customers from all over the world and achieve the symbol of brands: LANDVO, for the world.
Product: Multiple Function for the product, fashion and classic design, multiple choice for customers, diversified products to meet different customer groups in the market.
Sales: Honest, Service in first rated, be developed and be better.
Human Resource: Respect the employee, and recruit the employer to be excellent.
Service: Careful, Patience and Professional in all service process, to impress the corporation affinity and reputation.
Corporation Goal: Based on honest, Win-Win as the goal, with principle- “ Precise, Creative and Responsible “, the corporation will be the international brand recognized by E ecommerce from all over the worlds.